I am not  a single lady
So choosing to be with you,
means not being with him.
While I love your company,
I can’t reach him,
placing others before him.

I am not a divorced lady
While if I looked
I could find fault,
I chose instead to see the good
My house may be divided,
But my family and marriage are not.

I am not part of a Christian couplewpid-wp-1440970803712.jpeg
It’s uncomfortable to be the odd one out
And while my spouse will join me at times
It’s rarely going to be at an activity
centered around God,
He has to be included if he’s ever to be reached.

I’m not sure where I fit in,
And it tares me apart inside
I don’t remember feeling like this before
Like am outsider looking in,
And an insider looking out.
A soul on fire
In a world divided.

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