Do you vote in political elections?

There is a saying that we shouldn’t talk politics or religion. I talk about my faith without apology. I am quieter about politics. My views often differ from those around me, and I have learned to pick my battles. Those with the loudest voices are not always the majority, but it is only through the power of the vote, individually or as an elected official that change occurs. Arguing with someone a lost their personal belief, or mine, doesn’t change anything.

I have voted in primary, special elections and on Election Day since I started to recognize that I didn’t always like the outcome. I wrote letters even in junior high when I disagreed with what leaders were doing. I have been to the state capitol to share my voice.

We have a responsibility to exercise our civil liberty. Voting allows us to give voice to what is important to us, hoping that those in office will then use their vote in the same manner.

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