Breaking Out of Circumstances #Write31Days

woman-571715_1920One of my pastors recently spoke on the topic of praise and breaking limitations.  One comment jumped out of the message.  “Your circumstances will either break you, or praise will break you out of your circumstances.” 

Praise can not be something that we run to only in times of trouble.  It is hard to praise when all hell is coming against you if that’s the only time you do it. We have to discipline our self to praise.  We have to learn to offer praise like the Psalmist; so that it can become a natural first response instead of just a last response.

No one, especially God wants to hear someone offer words of praise that are not sincere.  Praise can not be a religious act of empty words offered out of duty.  Praise has to come from the heart.

When we make praise a discipline, we will learn to find something to praise God about even when we are facing difficult circumstances.  We can praise God for the specific things He has done for us.  We can praise Him for His mighty works. We can also praise God for His greatness.  When we turn our thoughts towards Him, we take our minds off our problems.  We are able to then allow Him to work because we are not focused on trying to solve our circumstance.

Praise can not be just kept in the sanctuary.  If we only praise God as a corporate body, we are failing to give God the praise He desires.  We must praise Him everywhere, at all times.  When we are about our day, what an awesome testimony to the people around us for us to stay in an attitude of praise.  God wants our Praise, the world needs to see us praising Him.

Praise can be with music.  We have been blessed with talented musicians who write songs of praise that we can offer to our Lord.  However, we can praise Him in the stillness also.  Allowing our hearts to connect with His and pour out the praise that is embedded deep within our Spirit.

Praise is a tool of the kingdom that is available to all of us.  Yet. many forget this 2015Write31Daysmight arsenal during times of warfare.  It is something that we have to discipline our self to do.  The scriptures are full of times that praise led the Israelites into victory in battle.  It is the same today, praise can lead us to victory in breaking out of the circumstances that try to defeat us.

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