Joy in our Witness #Write31Days

star-829949_1920We must stay disciplined in our witness.  The world is seeking happiness.  The Lord gives us joy.  They see our rejoicing and are attracted to the Spirit of the Lord within us.  We have to consider this in our actions because the Lord is coming soon.  We need to let everyone see joy within our daily life.  It is not just about our daily life, but also about the eternal life of those who see our witness.

How do we make sure that we allow the fruit of the Spirit, joy to live in our daily life?  We discipline our self not to worry.  We are told not to worry about tomorrow (Matthew 6:34).  We do that by turning things over to God in prayer.  We have to realize that God cares about the big and the small things in our life.  He is waiting for 2015Write31Daysus to run to Him with the things that are bothering us.   He wants us to be honest with Him about the things that we need.  We express our gratitude for the things that He has done and the things that He is doing.  We stand in faith and watch our joy grow.

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