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Opportunity knocks. Are you Ready? #Write31Days

There are times in our lives where we tend to become complacent.  We start to rely more on our own abilities than on God’s ability.  It is during these times that we forget that it takes discipline to keep out … Continue reading

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Praying for Others #Write31Days

We are all called to pray.  Many of us pray those selfish prayers of God please help me and mine.  We pray those prayers of desperation during difficult times.  We pray those quick prayers when we offer in passing to … Continue reading

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Discipline that doesn’t depart #Write31Days

I was raised in church.  From age two to thirteen, if the doors were opened I was there.  I also often attended other churches with my friends.  My family developed the discipline of church in my life.  It wasn’t just about … Continue reading

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Fresh {He is Willing}

We are coming to a turning point in The Journey, wrapping up the weeks of Enlightenment.  The past few weeks we have been meditating on the fact that God is willing.  We have been looking at the characteristics of God … Continue reading

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Why Try to understand? #Write31Days

It takes discipline to not understand, but do something anyway.  We live in a world where we strive to understanding things that don’t make sense.  We see information as power, and seek to understand everything from large to small details of … Continue reading

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Goodbye Timidity #Write31Days

The word timidity stood out to me as I meditated on this verse.  I often quote that “God has not given a spirit of fear…” but for some reason timidity never stuck in my mind.  Timidity is defined as lacking in self-assurance, … Continue reading

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We are called to wait #Write31Days

Waiting.  It’s never an easy thing to do. Waiting patiently is even harder. Yet, the scriptures are filled with waiting. Moses waited in the wilderness. The Israelites waited for the Promise land. The world waited on a Savior. The disciples … Continue reading

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Come and Talk with Me #Write31Days

God desires a relationship with you.   Yes, you.  He loves you.  He wants to have quality and quantity time with you.  Just as a beloved friend desires to speak with you daily, so does He. God says “Come and talk … Continue reading

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The Relief of Discipline #write31days

The one aspect of discipline that I often fail to think about it that God teaches me with instructions.  Instructions give knowledge, and knowledge builds relationships.  And God’s instruction also brings me relief from troubled times. Personally I like instruction, … Continue reading

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Joyous Enthusiasm #Write31Days

We are called to live a live of discipline in our enthusiasm in working and serving.  The Bible says that whatever we do, it should be done unto the Lord (Colossians 3:23).  This scripture further challenges us to do it … Continue reading

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