The Relief of Discipline #write31days

wpid-wp-1444918944635.jpegThe one aspect of discipline that I often fail to think about it that God teaches me with instructions.  Instructions give knowledge, and knowledge builds relationships.  And God’s instruction also brings me relief from troubled times.

Personally I like instruction, I like to know the rules and what is expected.  I love policy because it provides instructions.  It lets you know what is right to do, or what you shouldn’t do.  It lets you know in advance.

Discipline with instruction, well that means I’ve messed up.  It means I am receiving constructive criticism, rather than accolades of praise.  I’m okay with criticism too, as then I know what others want.  I view it to mean that I can:

  1. Chose to allow it to transform how I am doing things, and take the advise
  2. Make me evaluate if there is a validity to the criticism and decide how I should alter how I am doing things based on the feedback I received
  3. Decide that while the feedback may have been given constructively, there is not a change needed on my part, but at least I can see where the other person is coming from

However, with God there is only one right response.  Take His advise and transform how I am doing things.  That means I have to give up control, complete control.  There is no deciding if God is making a valid point, He speaks only truth. There is no partial obedience. There is no deciding I don’t have to change, He only wants what is best for me. The benefit of allowing God to discipline me, to give me instructions, is that He will give me relief in my time of trouble.  2015Write31Days

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