Come and Talk with Me #Write31Days

wpid-wp-1445017829424.jpegGod desires a relationship with you.   Yes, you.  He loves you.  He wants to have quality and quantity time with you.  Just as a beloved friend desires to speak with you daily, so does He.

God says “Come and talk with me.”  To many people think of prayer as a religious duty.  For some reason we can sit and talk with a friend for hours, but two minutes in to prayer time and we become restless.

Prayer takes discipline.  Prayer starts with developing the habit.  Scheduling a time with God and keeping it.  Then as we feed the habit, the desire grows.  Discipline feeds desire and desire feeds the discipline.  God is not looking at the clock saying “It’s only been five minutes.”  He is looking for us to respond to Him “Lord, I’m coming.”

God wants us to come to Him throughout our day, not just at a set time.  The Bible says Pray without ceasing (I Thess. 5:17).” He wants us to talk with Him, as we would a trusted friend.  He wants the short messages, like we text our friends. “God, its been an amazing day.”  or “Ugh, I’m so frustrated.”  He wants the lengthened version that we share over the phone about our amazing day or our frustrations. And He wants the late night call or the friends over coffee version where we just sit and talk for hours.

Just like we grow in our relationships with people, as we discipline our self to spend time with God, we will grow in relationship with Him.  We will look forward to communicating with Him.  We will welcome the open invitation to “Come and tal2015Write31Daysk with me.”  And we will quickly respond “Lord, I am coming.”

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