Fresh {He is Willing}

iSAIAH 65:1-2

We are coming to a turning point in The Journey, wrapping up the weeks of Enlightenment.  The past few weeks we have been meditating on the fact that God is willing.  We have been looking at the characteristics of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  There are so many things that God is willing to do and wanting to be in our life, if we will just allow Him.

As I have been reviewing my  journal writings about God is Willing, I came across this scripture in our church reading plan.  God is willing to respond.  He is there waiting to meet our needs and desires.  He is waiting for us to look to Him.  He is waiting for us to ask Him for help.  He is met with rebellion, and us trying to do things our own way.

Over and over again, I found myself seeing that I am meeting God just as the Israelites did.  I do so many things in my own strength, in the abilities that He gave me, with the talents that He gave me.  I rely on past experiences to meet the needs of others.   I go on what I know, instead of Who I know.

What God was speaking to me was confirmed as my pastor shared a brief message based on John 6:1-13 on the feeding of the 5,000.  He spoke about how the disciples had nothing to offer until Jesus blessed it.

I’m spending time in His Word and talking with Him.  But I realize I am relying on what I already know.  Relying on what I already have inside of me instead of asking for fresh revelation for the people I am helping.  I have become comfortable at the level that He has brought me, and have been slow to go deeper in Him.  Although I am still learning and growing, there have been areas where I am resistant to allowing Him to work.

I realize that God is willing to take me farther.  He wants to do more in me, because He wants to do more through me.  He is waiting for me to ask for His help, because He has so much more to offer.  He is ready for me to find more of Him, because there is so much more of Him for me to discover.  God is calling out “Here I am!”  He is just waiting.  He is willing, am I?

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