Discipline that doesn’t depart #Write31Days

20140720_152542I was raised in church.  From age two to thirteen, if the doors were opened I was there.  I also often attended other churches with my friends.  My family developed the discipline of church in my life.  It wasn’t just about the building, although I didn’t learn about a personal, intimate relationship with Christ as a child, I did learn many more valuable lessons.  These lessons are still a part of my adult life.  The discipline I learned trained me in things of God that made the code of behavior as I did learn more of Him easier to apply.

From my discipline in training as a child, I brought into adulthood:

  1. Faithfulness is important – You don’t have to be the best, you have to be available.  God uses people who are faithful to showing up.  God has allowed me to be a tool in many things that I am not qualified to do.  The best part is, when we are faithful, He is faithful.
  2. The scriptures are living – when I walked away from church, the scriptures I learned for Awanas and competitions in children’s church were deep in my heart.  They were alive and brought to remembrance by the Holy Spirit and flowing out of my mouth planting seeds in others.
  3. God really does love and care about me – It is really easy to say, but  I know, that I know, that I know that Jesus loves me.  That God cares about every aspect of my life.  I learned that from the people that He placed around me growing up.  When I was going through difficult time, I knew He would be there.
  4. God’s word is applicable to my life.  Not only is it living, but it is truly applicable.  God’s Word wasn’t just meant to be read, it was meant to be lived.  There is nothing we will face in life that doesn’t have a solution found in the Word.
  5. I’m not alone.  There are many times in my life that I went through things without another human beside me.  The darkest times in my life, when I really needed someone, but didn’t know how to reach out for help, God was there.  He never left me side.  He let me know I was not alone.
There are times I hated being dragged to church as a child.  But the training I received, really hasn’t departed from me.  Yes, I walked away from church for a while, I couldn’t walk away from God.  I’m hardly old, but I am grounded in Christ and know that I will not depart from it.2015Write31Days

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