God-Sized Dreams

So I have always been a dreamer. As a kid, I remember the church I attended doing the drama of Joseph’s life called “Dreamer”. To this day I still know many of the songs, even though I hardly remember anything else about that time in my life.

Anyway, so I am a dreamer. I have a dream – it is to reach the world outside of me. Living in a small community, people have told me that I have “big city ideas,” but really I just serve a God who can do big things, even in a small area. I want to see my community united, on fire, in service for God. I don’t have room for people who want to quench this dream in my heart. I had it before I got here and it just continues to get clearer and clearer as the years go by, and I think that now is the time to start putting it into action.clouds-353834_1280

Yesterday I was reading the book again “I’m the Christian the Devil Warned You About” by Mario Murillo and realized that I gotta dream bigger. I mean I dream the big dreams, but sometimes I fail to turn those dreams into reality – because it seems to much. Sometimes I think, I have no clue where to start (Yes, God forbid I listen to the One who gave me the idea).

Yet, now I realize if I can really do it all, I mean if I can see the plan laid out before me – then it is not really a God thing. God thinks so much bigger than I do. Nothing is impossible with God, and I am sure He gets a big laugh at the things that I think are “To big” saying “If you only know what I want to do through you.” I mean if I can do it in my own power, I am not thinking big enough.

Instead I must take the step that is laid before me and act in faith. Maybe some times I will miss God, but what if I miss Him because I didn’t step out in faith? I don’t have the connections I need – but God does. I do have the passion and the fire inside of me to make it happen if I will just ignite with God!

So here is to putting my dreams in God’s hands and watching them grow!!!!

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