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The glove of indirectness

POD #21: The glove of indirectness I sometimes make assumptions, probably more than I should.  If I don’t understand something I don’t have a problem directly asking questions until I do understand.  However, if something is said that could just … Continue reading

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It ain’t about you

POD #20: It ain’t about you If your words have power is the first of my Jackie-isms, the second would be “If it was anyone else it would bother me.” I remember the first time that this thought came to … Continue reading

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The Power of Your Word

POD #19: The Power of Your Word One of the quotes that those close to me would say is a Jackie-ism is “Your words have power.”    I grew up hearing the scripture that “the power of life and death are … Continue reading

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My bucket

POD #18: My bucket Right now, I feel like my bucket is empty.  Waiting for some type of inspiration, passion or creativity to magically begin to flow. There are a few that come regularly to drink from my bucket, but … Continue reading

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Good Judgement or Judging

POD #17: Spiritual Pepper Spray (Good Judgement or Judging) When I think about judging others, and if I’m honest I do it more than I should, I am comparing how I do something or see something with how someone else … Continue reading

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Beyond ‘the provisional life’

POD #16: Beyond ‘the provisional life’ As I look at the list of “organizations” I’m involved with I do think there are times that I am just “doing duty.”  It is never a constant feeling in any place, just a … Continue reading

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Nobody’s perfect (Maybe)

POD #15: Nobody’s perfect. (Maybe) Jesus Christ is perfect – completely free from flaw or defect.  Christ was perfect from conception and continued being perfect through the cross, death and resurrection.  This fact makes the belief that “Nobody’s perfect” false.  Christ is … Continue reading

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Childhood, part deux

POD #14: Childhood, part deux This morning someone shared on Facebook about being childlike rather than childish.  It resonated because yesterday, I was definitely being childish.   I won’t defend that it was less childish than I have been in the … Continue reading

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The Power of Your Identity

POD #13: The Power of Your Identity What a timely prompt, because I was really thinking about this today as I did my water jogging class.  Like, Tara might have been in my brain when she wrote it out, because … Continue reading

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POD #12: Adaptogens Without thinking, I can say that God and my faith in Him is what helps me to withstand the stresses and strains that life places on my system.  Almost daily, someone will comment on how they don’t … Continue reading

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