Nobody’s perfect (Maybe)

POD #15: Nobody’s perfect. (Maybe)

Jesus Christ is perfect – completely free from flaw or defect.  Christ was perfect from conception and continued being perfect through the cross, death and resurrection.  This fact makes the belief that “Nobody’s perfect” false.  Christ is certainly not a nobody.

Furthermore, I am perfect in God’s sight from the moment I accept the precious sacrifice of my Savior and allow His blood to cover me and cleanse me white as snow.  When God looks at me, He sees what Christ is – perfect.   He takes the fact of my imperfection and covers them with His truth – Christ’s perfection.  Although I am not perfect, God’s sees me as perfect, right this moment.  He sees every follower of Christ through that lens.

pebbles-2020100_1920As I tried to consider a broader definition of perfect, I started thinking about sports.  There are people who believe that “practice makes perfect.”  The reality is that I can practice all day long, but if I am doing it wrong, it will never lead to perfection.  My pastor said “perfect practice makes perfect.”  I thought about Tiger Woods, although I ‘m not sure why.  Even in his best game, he is still not a perfect golfer.  Even if He scores a perfect game, it does not make him a perfect golfer.  Even with his best game there is still flaw or defect in his swing, or his stance, or his thought pattern.

I think the more accurate phrase would be “We are imperfectly perfect.”  Christ takes my imperfections and He covers then.  In my weakness His strength shows.  He covers my flaws and defects with His grace.  It is in the reflection of my imperfections, that people are drawn to the perfection of Christ.  I am made perfect in Him.

About Jackie S

I have been through a lot in life, but through Christ I am more than an overcomer. I am not perfect, I will never claim to be. Praise God I am forgiven though. I am rather opinionated. I see most things in black and white and believe honesty is always the best policy. This combination sometimes comes off harsh. The truth is I love people. I truly love helping others and try to believe the best about others. It is easy to find faults, but focusing on strengths is more my style, but I also shoot it straight. If it sounds harsh, know my heart is for something better for you.
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