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For the past two years as the New year has begun, I have turned my focus to one word I feel led to focus on during the year.  The first year was about Letting Go.  I spent the year processing emotions that I didn’t even know I had from events I didn’t even remember.  It was a work I didn’t know I needed, but it started me on a journey.

Last year,  I was still in the works of letting go, but well into the process that still continues.  I suspect it will be a lifetime word.  I felt led to the word discipline for 2015.  It is worse than a four letter word most days.  I started out the year really strong, but about five months in my schedule changed.  Some of the things I had hoped to accomplish went by the way side.  There were areas that I stayed disciplined, and others that I am still working on in my life.

Then in November 2015, in the process of discipline and letting go, I realized the foundational problem I was having was trust.  I knew pretty quick that would be the word for the next year.wp-1452049608924.jpeg

Even having two months to prepare, I still feel a bit of anxiety just typing the word.   I realize now it’s a bigger word to me than discipline. I am scared, but I will take it one day at a time.  Here I am committing to it.

I hope to stand on the first scripture I remember learning as a child.  Proverbs 3:5-6.  I thought I was trusting before, but I was leaning on my own understanding.  I thought I was letting Him lead me, but I was directing my path.  Here is to 2016 – Trust


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  1. Jackie, we seem to be traveling a similar path. I’m encouraged by your words and openness to share them. Although my word is BEHOLD, it is also a trust thing. The more Iearn to trust, the more I behold His Face, rather than turning to others or my own “strength”. Thank you for your words.


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