Step 1

Sunday my pastor started a series called Praying Effectively.  It was one of those messages from God’s heart to mine – a spanking, wrapped in the biggest type of hug.  God reminding me of the dream that He placed inside of me, and my failure to act on it.  It is there in the back of my mind, that vision of what should be.  That brief comment that I answered back in 2001 during about “What if there were no limits on you, what would your goal be.”

It is there, I can see it.  I can sometimes taste it.  Part of me had written it off, because I haven’t known how to get there.  I have never stopped seeing some version of it, but I just feel lost in how to reach it. Setting it aside when it rises in my soul as I know the vision is so much more that I can even pretend to know how to do, and yet reminded through the message that God is bigger.

I started reading Soul Print: Discovering Your Devine Destiny by Mark Batterson this week.  I picked it up because lately I have felt like I need a mentor, and well I don’t have one.  I need someone who can show me how to get to the next level, and frankly God hasn’t shown me clearly who that is to be.  So I do what I know to do.  I seek Him and read and listen to people who I know have a vision similar and have surpassed where I am at currently.

This book then reminds me of the preparations that God has been doing in my life, since even before the dream came in to my memory. God designed my life with a specific future in mind.

I call it a soul print.  It’s not just who you are, present tense.  It’s who you are destined to become, future tense.  It’s not just who other see when they look at you from the outside in.  It’s who God has destined you to become from the inside out.  Not unlike your genetic code that programs your physical anatomy, your soul print hardwires your true identity and true destiny.  So while you live your life forward, God works backward.  The Omniscient One always starts with the end in mind.  – Mark Batterson, Soul Print (page 7)

I admit, I am intimidated.  I like to be in control.  I like to know how things will proceed, what steps are next.  I can’t see that.  What I know from the sermon, from just starting this book, from that nudging from the Spgirl-309175_1280.pngirit is that it is time to begin.

One step, that is what I have.

Yes, I already knew it, but I had forgotten its importance in my dream.

That is what I need to put my focus on, probably throughout this process, but definitely for now.

Step 1: Pray

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