Times are changing

How has technology changed your job?

I work in the mental health field and technology has been an added benefit due to electronic health records. There are also easier treatment plans for common issues and automatic reminders are great to help with no shows. During COVID, telehealth appointments became popular which are still helpful for when people aren’t feeling well Or transportation is an issue.

One disadvantage I see to the electric health record is that we tend to take the information for granted. It is available, but it it always read? I also think the push to animate self check in and scheduling leaves some clients frustrated because they don’t have the skill or desire. We want to be culturally sensitive, but don’t think about those that were not raised in the technology generations.

The push for technology also takes for granted that not all internet connections are stable or available. In my state there are still reservations that don’t have electricity, how would they have Internet? It doesn’t take into consideration those people who might have problems with reading or comprehension.

There are great benefits in counseling with the advancement of technology. There are also disadvantages to having all the information available. There are also still issues with access and availability that should be considered and not taken for granted.

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