Prayer for today

To you, O Lord, we offer our prayer; in You, our God, we trust. Save us from the shame of defeat; don’t let our enemies gloat over us! Defeat does not come to those who trust in You, but to those who are quick to rebel against You.

Teach us Your ways, O Lord; make them known to us. Teach us to live according to Your truth, for You are our God, who saves us. We always trust in You. Remember, O Lord, Your kindness and constant love which You have shown from long ago. Forgive the sins and errors of our youth. In Your constant love and goodness, remember us Lord!

Because You Lord are righteous and good, You teach sinners the path they should follow. You lead the humble in the right way and teach us Your will. With faithfulness and love You lead all who keep Your covenant and obey Your commands. Keep Your promise, Lord, and forgive our sins, for they are many. Those who have reverence for You Lord will learn the path they should follow. We will always be prosperous, and our children will possess the land. You Lord are the friend of those who obey You and You affirm Your covenant with us.

We look to You Lord for help at all times, and You rescue us from danger. Turn to us, Lord, and be merciful to us, because we are lonely and weak. Relieve us of my worries and save us from all our troubles. Consider our distress and suffering and forgive all our sins.

Protect us and save us; keep us from defeat. We come to You for safety. May Your goodness and honesty preserve us, because we trust in You. Lord, we know that none of us are in charge of our own destiny; none of us have control over our own life. Correct your people, Lord, but do not be too hard on us or punish us when You are angry; that would be the end of us.”

Lord, there is no one like You; You are mighty, and Your name is great and powerful. Who would not honor You, the king of all nations? You deserve to be honored. There is no one like You among all the wise men of the nations or among any of their kings. But You, Lord, are the true God, You are the living God and the eternal king.

Prayer adapted from Psalms 25 and Jeremiah 25

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