Focus on Your Story {#Write31Days}

focusonyourstoryMuch of my life I have felt called to share my story.  I have in a sense shared most of it at some point or another, but I have felt like I needed to write it out, for at least the better part of the last six years.  My life has been a broken path, but it is a story of God’s grace.  I have hesitated to write many things because I have always said “it is not my story to tell.”  Maybe that is just a lie of the enemy to keep me from stepping out into what I know I have been called to do.  Or possibly it is just a lie of my own making because of my own personal insecurities.

I know that my story, when shared has helped many people find hope in a hopeless situation.  It serves as a light in the dark, even though at times I don’t feel like my light is very bright.  It is not that I have done anything great, but that God has done a great work in me.  My story, doesn’t bring me glory, it brings Him glory because with Him nothing is impossible.

This blog is part of a #Write31Days series on Focus with prompts by #FMFParty.  Write 31 Days is an online writing challenge, where bloggers pick one topic and write a post on that topic every day.  Five Minute Fridays provides prompts and encouragers writers to free write for five minutes on the prompt.

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