As I was in praise and worship today, I kept seeing a picture of blinds, like mini blinds in a window.  Just a little bit of light was shining through the closed blinds.  I started thinking about how much we try to hide from God, both of our self and in knowing Him more fully.

At times in my life I have been content to just have a little of His presence.  I just want a little of His light to shine on me.  I have been satisfied with just knowing a little about Him.  I have been content to just allow Him to deal with a little of my sin and other personal areas where I know that change is needed.  That little bit of light that peaks through has been enough for me to feel like I am making progress because I am not standing still.  But not enough to make me truly uncomfortable with what I am trying to hide from allowing Him to address with me.blinds

There are other times where I have opened up the blinds and allowed God to illuminate the areas in my life that needed to change.  It at times makes it hard to see, as God rearranges my life into what He designed me to be.  A period of growing closer to Him, learning more about Him, and see Him become more real in certain areas of my life.  Over the years, my life has changed dramatically.  At times I hardly recognize the girl I used to be, but then I am a new creation in Christ.

It is interesting that God meets us just where we are.  It is even more interesting that He allows us to control just how much we allow Him to change our lives.  He gave us the full ability to open our heart up to Him or close the blinds completely.  I have learned with the blinds in my home I can adjust them to  have the light shines up or shines down depending on how I adjust them.  Sometimes I just want the light of God to reflect on what He has already done in my life.  Other times, it reflects on areas that I still need to change.  However, I have to choose to open the blinds completely to let Him shine and show me that what He has already done has prepared me for the next work He needs to do.

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