Community Improvement

How would you improve your community?

I would love to see the area of my community where I live be vitalized. There are two things that quickly come to mind. I would open an area in my local community, which is on the outside of a growing town, a community gathering place. It would have a coffee shop with a drive through but also space to sit and gather. The space would be big enough for community events. Things like movies, craft fairs, meetings, etc. but also versatile enough for live music, billiards, foosball, and corn hole so people can interact with others. I would also want food trucks to be able to park around the building. There are no set restaurants around, so this would help the community. I also think it is helpful for the food trucks because people can eat and have a place to gather. As a therapist, I would want a little space where I could meet with clients confidentially.

The second thing is in the community I work. It is a small little town that has a rail yard, but the downtown business has started to crumble as the interstate bypasses it. From my clients, I have learned that it used to very much be an art community. There are artists, musicians, and talented crafty people. I would want to revitalize the community as a arts destination. Highlighting the history but also the current talent that is there. Making sure that artists have to opportunity to not only display and sell their works, but also teach the art skills to those who are interested.

There are so many good things about the community I live and work in. These are two things I would do to improve the area.

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