To Begin Again

What are your morning rituals? What does the first hour of your day look like?

Every day of the week I have the same morning routine. The first hour of my day looks the same regardless of what time it may be it looks the same, regardless of where I might be. My routine has been the same for many years, although recently I have added a few things.

Before my feet ever hit the floor, unless I am somewhere that someone else will be disturbed, in which case before I do anything else, I start with reading a “read through the Bible in a year plan.” For the past seven years, I have used the YouVersion Bible app. For many years before, just a Bible and a written plan to stay on task.

I also typically read two devotions on the You Version app. One I do with a group, the other alone. If someone hasn’t invited me to a plan, I will do two anyway. This also means at times I do a few more depending on invites. Iron sharpens iron and I need to stay sharp.

One of the more recent additions to my routine is a You Tube video called Give Him Fifteen. One of my friends, who I consider a spiritual prayer warrior started sending me this to watch. So Monday through Friday, I watch a short message and prayer.

I also read from a devotional book. This changes each year and then I pass the book along. Currently I am in Rick Renner’s Sparkling Gems 2. I admit sometimes I read it online, but I have the book also and will use it if I’m up.

Another thing I have added recently is learning. I will do a quick lesson in Greek from DuoLingo. I have learned this has to be done after 6 a.m. because if I do it too early I won’t earn double points in the evening.

Then I start getting ready for my day, or if it is not quite time to wake up, I will go back to sleep. As I get ready I listen to something to make me laugh, which is currently Funny How Life Works podcast.

That is how I spend the first hour of my day, every day even on vacation.

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