What was the best compliment you’ve received?

I am not one who is big on compliments. I rarely remember them because I know it is dangerous to be moved by the praises of men. Thanks to face book memories though, I had a reminder that a few years back in a short period of time I had several people outside my inner circle as me if I was always happy and smiling. The joy of the Lord is my strength, so when multiple people make that comment, I did take notice. I used to be very negative, and still have my days where I let my flesh take over, so for others to see His joy through me, I take that compliment and give glory to Him.

The other compliment that I received more recently, is that I exude knowledge and God’s wisdom. The knowledge has been decades of being in His Word and of learning about other things that interest me. I put in time and effort daily into learning. Wisdom though comes from Him. God has entrusted me with His wisdom. There were times I don’t recognize it as wisdom. I just see God revealing things to me to help people apply His truth in the moment. I thought everyone, especially Christians and other therapists did this too. I didn’t realize God had given me a unique perspective and ability. It was only when others pointed this out that I was able to realize this was God’s wisdom.

So the best complements I have received were for me, but for God working in and through me. I will take His joy and wisdom any day.

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