Traveling Cross Country

You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, car, or bike?

I love traveling. If I can ride, I most prefer to go by car. There is so much that happens on a road trip. Some of my best memories are road trips with my sisters and with my mom and kids. You can stop along the way and there is just so much laughter that takes place on the scenic route.

I would not take a bike because I don’t know how to ride one well. I was an adult when I learned to ride, and wasn’t sure enough of myself. My fear of falling meant I didn’t want to use the breaks. I used my feet instead to stop, so probably not the best choice for me.

My second choice would be airplane, just because of the convenience. It would give me more time to explore wherever I am headed. Plane rides let you meet other people, learn about others, and is generally faster.

I think my third choice would be the train. However, it might be with hesitation as the three hour train ride I took caused me motion sickness. However, it is faster and again you can meet interesting people. You also have room to stretch your legs.

My fourth choice would be the bus. I don’t mind bus rides if the bus is clean. However when I think of cross country buses I think of smelly buses just due to the number of people that use them. Of course, I have never been on a long bus ride outside of a school bus or guided tour bus so my perception could be completely wrong.

Except for a bicycle, I am happy to travel cross country by any other mode. Car rides tend to be the most adventurous. Plane rides are most convenient. Trains and buses would be okay to. I would just be excited about a cross country trip!

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