Animal Tendencies

Which animal would you compare yourself to and why?

Personality tests say I am a lion. I am an assertive person. I like to take lead and get things done. I will take charge if someone else doesn’t.

Like a lion, I can be domineering if I don’t watch myself. I can be loud and intimidating. I like things my own way and am pretty stuck in routine. I can be energetic if there is a task to complete. I don’t do well with subtleties. And I don’t always follow social etiquette.

In my weakness, I can be demanding, blunt and impatient. Outside of counseling, I can be insensitive to how others feel. I can be impulsive in decision making, but will also take responsibility if my idea is wrong. I like others to cater to my way, even as I try to change that mindset. I have to intentionally allow others to share their ideas first so I don’t run them over with my thoughts.

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