A country or a store?

Where would you go on a shopping spree?

I would love to go on a shopping spree in Greece. Mostly because I want to go back there, and if I am shopping I would be naturally be there. It is such a beautiful country. I appreciate that they don’t cater to Americans. Despite being an American, I feel like most countries make it easier for us to visit and not have to change much in our ways to be comfortable there. Most of the menus were in Greek. The signs were in Greek. Most of the people I spoke to were bilingual, so they were helpful but their country is set up for the people who live there. I appreciate that.

As far as a store where I would want a shopping spree, I would probably pick a hardware store like Home Depot or Lowe’s. They sell a lot of things. With a little imagination and some help from online resources you can make other cool stuff.

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