Every day take this opportunity

What is the last thing you learned?

I admit I could easily be an eternal student. I love learning. When presented the opportunity I can learn from anyone and just about every situation. Things I learned today:

Greek – Since September I have been working to learn Greek. I practice on Duolingo every day. So today I learned more words, and refreshed some of the phrases I have been struggling with like possessive language in the Greek.

Emotional regulation and executive functioning – Today I took a course on ADHD and ways to improve emotional regulation as well as executive functioning. I learned that there is not just white noise, but brown and pink as well. I learned there is a machine that can help kids (and adults) wake up better by starting to brighten the room before your eyes ever open. (Training is online from Attitude Magazine)

Consistency– I am also learning I can be consistent despite motivation. Currently I am building several habits, and although my goal is to build in consistent exercise, I will give myself credit for the consistent I am building in other realms. I have been consistently tracking since the beginning of the year and have only missed three days. Of the 15 habits I am trying to build, my average this year is 12. (Idea from 15 Point Plan podcast)

One of the items in the 15 point plan is learning, another is journaling. Check two right here!!

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