The Perfect Relationship

So often I try to hide,

and then I realize You are already there.

You are ahead of me.

I run, but You are again

Already there.

You don’t follow me;

I’m running to You

Even when I’m trying to get away.

You know me better

Than I even know myself

You love me more

Than anyone else ever could.

You’ve chosen me

And allowed me to choose You too.

You amaze me.

That’s just who You are

You don’t want me to struggle

Unless it is for my own growth.

Like the caterpillar struggles in the cocoon

To emerge a butterfly.

You don’t want me to carry heavy burdens,

You want me to share the load with You.

You want the best for me

Even when I don’t deserve it.

You want a relationship with me

Where I can fully trust that You

See me,

Hear me,

Love me in my weaknesses,

And encourage me in my strengths.

You will never leave me.

You will never forsake me.

You will never fail me.

God You are the perfect relationship.

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