Assignment and Calling

Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him and to what God has called him too. This is my rule to all the churches. I Corinthians 7:17

How many times have I tried to
imitate another person and been disappointed when I didn’t obtain the same results? I am not called to lead the life of
another person. Even if my calling is similar, my path will look different if I am being led by Holy Spirit. I have to listen to God’s voice, not try to follow the steps of another.

God has assigned me to be His child, then a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. He has assigned me to be a social
worker, helping others. He has called me to a local church body and to my community.

Since we each have a different
gift and calling, when we fail
to live up to our calling and
use our gifts for God’s glory
it leaves many holes.
Others are also dependent on
us doing our part in their calling and assignment. If a cashier takes the money, but the cook doesn’t prepare the food because the prep person didn’t prepare things, ultimately there is no food to serve the customer. One person does impact the lives of others when they chose to not do their part, even if they are doing something else.

Our local churches need us. The
world needs us to use what God
has placed within us. We can not expect anyone else to fulfill our calling. We can’t follow someone else’s playbook and
hope for God to say “Well done.”
He needs us to do our part.

Prayer: Lord, help me to be the
person you called me to be, het
me lead the life you have
assigned to me. Let me fulfill
my role in your body and in this
world. In Jesus name. Amen.

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