I Will Show You

“‘Call to me, and I will answer you, and will show you great things, and difficult, which you don’t know.’” ‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭33:3‬

Our society today is full of phone calls, that go unanswered. Unknown numbers, spam calls, and just calls that come through at inopportune times; we’re used to not answering and not being answered. God will never be one of those unanswered calls. He promises that if we call out to Him, He will answer.

This message came to Jeremiah while he was imprisoned. He did not get one call, like we see on the television. Despite being imprisoned, he had unlimited access to God through prayer. Still, imagine having a small window (if any, really) to the outside world and being told that God will show you great things. That is our God though, we have a limited view and He expands our view anyway.

My window to the world is narrow, but God has showed me great things. I have had a front row seat to miracles, lives transformed, restorations, reconciliations, and healings. Some of these things have happened in my own life and other times I have the privilege of watching from my role as a social worker. It is something I don’t take for granted. Sometimes I am able to see it before it actually happens, other times God surprises me with the great things He is able to do in the lives of His people. I am able to see His timing stamped all over things, and I am grateful for the view.

Jeremiah had a God given vision for the nation of Israel. This was a message of hope and restoration for the nation. In it, is the promise of Jesus the Branch of Righteousness that would come from David. He declared that when we call out to God, He answers. It doesn’t always look like we think that it should, but He will answer. Jesus is the proof of God’s answer, but He did not come as the Israelites thought He would. They had a different vision of what the Messiah would look like.

I know I have prayed foolish prayers, looking back I am so thankful His answer was “no”. God always has the full picture and knows what is best for us. His “no” is usually met with disappointment in the moment, but gratitude soon follows for what He offers in place of my foolish request.

It usually takes some time for me to she His hand in the things I do not know. Rarely am I able to understand it in the moment, but God does make it known. I think there are still parts of Jeremiah’s revelation that we are still being shown. God is able and willing to give fresh revelation to us. The revelation we have today of situations may be completely different than the revelation of the same situation years from now. Distance and wisdom bring a different level of knowledge and revelations. We can see not just the step we are in, but as time passes we can see more of the path.

We need to be willing to call out to God. Knowing that He not only hears us, but will answer. He wants to show us things, and will bring understanding even when they are difficult things for us to understand.

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