Enduring Discipline

It is for discipline that you have to endure. God is treating you as sons. For what son is there whom his father does not discipline? Hebrews 12:7

To Endure – Strong’s G5278 – hypomenō – We are called to bear bravely and calmly

God disciplines His children because it has a purpose. Just as I would discipline my children as they were growing up, God disciplines me. There are lessons I am still learning. While at times, I can hear a word and just take it in and obey, there are still times where I hesitate and question. Or there are times I outright say “no.” In those instances, I need God’s discipline because His correction is for my good.

Discipline rarely feels good. It takes sacrifice of my will. I am called to bear it bravely and calmly when God disciplines me. Yes, He will still discipline me if I am kicking and screaming, but that is not His preference. He wants me to willingly allow His will to override my flesh.

I immediately think of how I am trying to develop a discipline of exercise in my life. It’s an area I’ve struggled with most of my life, even in grade school PE class. Exercise is a chore to me. I know I need it. My body was made for physical activity. After exercise, I feel better, even if I’m a little sore. It helps my energy level. It helps my mood. And it improves my sleep, even though sleep is not generally an issue for me. I have to endure through the exercise to reap the benefits period just like I need to endure through God’s discipline to reap the reward in my life. It may not be pleasant in the moment but the reward will always be worth it.

Prayer – Lord, discipline is hard but I know it has purpose. Help me to endure both in your discipline and in the discipline I need to honor your temple in Jesus name Amen

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