It isn’t exact #write28days

I wish that healing was an exact science. Unlike most sciences, there is not a magic ratio to healing that given in the right dose, for the right amount of time in the right combination. It would be nice if it was that simple.

If you knew that given a certain amount of the right medicine that the pain you are experiencing would be over. If you knew eventually, the inner turmoil would come to an end. If you knew that the process of healing would erase any effects of the hurt you went through. But healing is not exact.

There are things that will help in the healing process.  Unfortunately, what works for one doesn’t  always help the next person, even if the hurts are similar in nature.  For some, healing comes quickly.  For others, healing takes years, decades, even a lifetime.  It isn’t exact.

itisntexactHealing isn’t exact, but it is possible.  Sometimes the journey seems harder than the hurt. You have to hold on to the knowledge that the healing wholeness will be worth it in the end. It can feel like you take one step forward and two steps back.  You have to hold on to the fact that you are making progress, even if it is slow.  It can feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but there is.  It isn’t exact, but it will be exactly what you need in the end.

I often look back at my own life and question how I could have made it through.  Although I have not experienced tragedies that others have, I have experienced a lot of things that could have destroyed me.  I know that because oft he work I have done, the things I have seen others go through that are so close to my own journey.  I try to let those people know, I have walked that path too.  Healing, it isn’t exact, it isn’t easy but healing is possible if you want it enough.  

This blog post is inspired by Anita Ojeda and the #Write28Days Challenge. The challenge is to write 28 days in February. For more posts on this topic go to Broken Vessel.

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