Daisies. A Picture of Mercy

Daisies. The picture was so clear in my mind. I am not a flower type girl. Flowers are beautiful to look at, some have a pleasing fragrant; I have never understood them outside of their natural setting though. So I had to look up what was so special about daisies that made them my focus. Webster’s Dictionary states:

The daisy flower does not just bud, blossom, and die like most other flowers. Rather it performs a daily routine of “sleeping” at night by closing and “waking” in the morning by opening up again. Because of this unusual trait and the whorled appearance of the flower, the daisy was given the Old English name dægeseage, meaning literally “day’s eye.” The distinctive ray-like appearance of the daisy as it opens and closes with the sun reminds one of an eye that opens in the morning and closes at night.

What a beautiful picture that created in my mind. Daisies are not mentioned in the Bible, but God’s mercy, His compassion are new every morning. His mercy is for the day, just like the cycle of a daisy. His mercy and compassion are not for the past and not for the future.

While He knows the full scope of our lives, His mercy and compassion are for the day at hand. Each day, He is there providing just what we need. It is up to each of us to accept what is there in the day. Each opportunity is in the moment. God’s eye is on us in the moment empowering us in that time to do what is necessary. His love is never ending, but each day is a fresh start.

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