Thoughts on the night

Laying in bed

Trying to sleep

Instead my thoughts

Are going down a path

That is keeping me awake.

Thoughts that want to argue.

Thoughts that make me bitter.

Thoughts that make me want

To tell someone “how the cow ate the cabbage.”

Even though I have no clue

If cows even eat cabbage

Or how the cow digests his food

If cows do eat cabbage.

I realize that my thoughts

Are not productive,

But I can’t turn them off.

Trying to take them captive

Hasn’t worked,

There is some truth to both sides.

Truth in replacement thoughts

Truth in the bitter thoughts.

I find those are the hardest thoughts

For me to stop as I find myself asking

“God are you trying to move me?”

Quickly followed by

“Or is this the enemy trying to deceive me?”

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