Focus on Self-Acceptance {#Write31Days}

Today’s #FMF word is belong.  If I belong to God and want to focus on His will for my life his opinion is the one that I have to seek.  If my focus becomes belonging to another group, seeking their approval, I will not likely complete what He has designed me for because there will be people who do not understand God’s purpose for me, or who would want me to do things their way instead of the way that God has called me too.

belongI admit that at times I have played “Holy Spirit Jr.” or allowed others to play that role in my life.  I was looking to belong to a movement and action that was not where I was being led to go.  I allowed others to guide and led me away from the specific actions that I felt I needed to focus my attention. Instead of listening to God, I listened to those voices around me where I wanted to belong.  I wanted their approval more than I wanted to be in right standing with God.

I have to learn to accept the path that God has for me, even if it looks different from those that I love, respect and want to be with.  People can walk along life together without belonging to the same vision.  It is a choice of self-acceptance and putting God before the opinions of others.  Focus on belonging to God, focusing on being true to yourself.

2018Write31DaysThis blog is part of a #Write31Days series on Focus with prompts by #FMFParty.  Write 31 Days is an online writing challenge, where bloggers pick one topic and write a post on that topic every day.  Five Minute Fridays provides prompts and encourages writers to free write for five minutes on the prompt.


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