POD #28: Who’s in Your Cabinet?

My Cabinet roles were pretty non-traditional. Who might be in your Cabinet, and in which roles, if you were in the position to assign them? (Plot twist: you are.)


As I think about who makes up the Executive cabinet, I realize that some roles I might like filled, I haven’t made the time to cultivate the relationships needed for the right person to fill the positions. So as I think about the role that it could play in my life, I think more of the characteristics of such persons that I would want to fill the role.

Attorney General – I would want an attorney general who not only knows and understands the letter of the law, but reviews it in light of the spirit that it was intended. I believe that the law not only protects, but it can defend. It can be just, impartial and fair at the same time. I would want someone who knows the boundaries that I have in place, but also the ability to see when those boundaries need flexibility and when they need more firmness.

Secretary of Agriculture – I am generally not good with making the wisest food choices. I have little experience with farming, trade or production, or stewardship over natural resources and meeting the needs of others through those resources (AKA – I passed on not so great habits to my children and other children in my family.) I immediately think of a personal trainer that believes in health eating from all food groups. Someone with the ability to challenge me to learn a new way of living and hold me accountable in this area of my life. Someone with a strong personality that wouldn’t give in to my excuses, and would push me just a little more than I think I can go.critique

Secretary of Defense – I believe that the greatest and only secretary of defense that I will ever need for my life is the Lord. He is my refuge, my defender and the only one that can fill this job. I have allowed too many people to defend me where really it was not needed.  Those who would come to my defense when really I need to be held accountable do not serve my best interests.  One must know when to defend and when to concede.




Secretary of Transportation – This is where I am a little silly, but I would love to have my own person chauffeur, boat captain and pilot so that I do not have to drive but can travel anywhere I like whenever I want.  I want the to be  fast, safe, efficient, accessible and convenient to meet my interests and enhances my quality of life.  I spent enough time driving, and would love to travel so my secretary of transportation needs to be multifaceted.  I suppose if I ever when the lottery that might be the option.

Secretary of the TreasuryI would want my treasury to be headed by someone who is a savvy investor with a sound record of returns.  Someone who could help me not only budget but also save and invest.  I want someone who would help promote my economic prosperity to ensure that I could leave not only an inheritance for my children and grandchildren, but to the causes that are important to me.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs – I am not a Veteran, but I would love to have a secretary of Veteran Affairs in  my life that would fund 100% of the needs of Veterans.  I would want to know that those who served our country are given everything that they need – access to housing, health care, mental health care, and education.  If they honorably served their country, they should have the same or better benefits available to them as those that are given to those who are unable to work and receive government benefits.  For Veteran’s this should not be considered a handout, but a benefit of those who serve and their families.

These are just a few cabinet positions that I would want in my life.  Really, I think a personal trainer/dietician, a financial advisor, a career mentor, and a spiritual mentor would be the cabinet positions that are most needed in my life.  Although the secretary of transportation would be my selfish desire to have filled, I will let God be my Secretary of Defense and Attorney General.

This post is prompted by
Tara-Nicholle Nelson’s 30 Day Writing Challenge for Conscious Leaders.

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