POD: Your Positive Essential Quality

Your prompt today is to sit with this question: what is your most essential, positive quality at this point in your life? What is that thing about you that is like the candle’s flicker? What is the trait or quality that most purely makes you you? What is at your core? What is your essence?

How do you know this? What is the evidence you have, factually or just in your gut?

Is it hard for you to think up or write this wonderful thing about yourself? (If it is hard, write a little more about it, to get some practice in).

My most essential, positive quality is that I am resourceful.  I have a plethora of knowledge about random things and contacts with random abilities that can be very helpful in most situations.  It offers hope in challenging times.  It may be a simple connection from one person to another.  Or be in the form of a piece of random information that helps someone move to another level of understanding.  It may be a resource that helps someone where they didn’t even know there was a need.   Resourcefulness is my flicker in the darkness.  I love helping others in any way that I can and being able to connect someone to something or someone who can meet a need or take them to the next level in life is the core of my being.

resourcefulnessI know that being resourceful is my most essential quality as I often am introduced to new people as a person who can connect with whatever they are looking for.  Also at times I have the reputation of a know-it-all – although I can assure anyone I am not.

I think in part my resourcefulness flickers brighter because I am in a community where I grew up.   The community grew larger around me, but at its core, it is still my little hometown.  I have been blessed to work in places where I met people from all walks of life.

I was a little girl who loved people in the most influential church in our area.  I was a single-teenage mother working for a law firm.  I was homeless and helped some of the people core to building up our community.  I was the mother utilizing the resources our community had to offer to take a hand up instead of just a hand-out.

I don’t believe that any of the people I have met, the organizations that have helped, or the knowledge I have accumulated has been for the sole purpose of helping me.  It was a gift I was given to help others.

Initially it was hard for me to accept this, but my pastor has a saying that has truly resonated with me.  He says “You will never walk in a calling or anointing that you will not acknowledge.”  So one day last year, I verbally acknowledged it.  Not to toot my own horn, but to give glory to God for how He is using me.  The more people who know that I am resourceful, the more people who I can help.  It was a hard lesson, but I find myself being more open to accept the things that God is wanting to use me for lately.

This post is prompted by Tara-Nicholle Nelson’s 30 Day Writing Challenge for Conscious Leaders.

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