Lean Life Methodology

POD #21: Lean Life Methodology
As we near the end of this second 10-day sprint of this challenge, write about what your next steps might look like, in moving towards your calling, creation, and purpose. IDEALLY, sit still for 10 minutes or so before you start writing, with your eyes closed, and just listen for that still small voice or spark of inspiration.
What do you hope to learn in this next season, as you take these next steps? What experiences and adventures would really get you going, in this next season?
Keep in mind that the goal is not to go from here to Perfectly Purposeful Life by next week. Deal? This is all about the next step, which could be small or large, could be internal or a Big Life Change, depending on your status quo and on what feels right and ripe for you.

stepEven as I wrote the past nineteen days, when I came across something that I needed to step out into, I did it.  If I couldn’t do it that moment, I took steps so that someone else would hold me accountable to take the next step.  I wanted to make sure that I was putting myself out there instead of just talking about it.  I admit, I still don’t know what the finished product will look like.  I am not sure that I am even ready to put it out there, but I am putting it out there regardless.

I reconnected with my grandmother after twenty-years.  I not only sent the letter, I made the call, and I was persistant.  It took three visits to make the first connection happen.  But I have been back twice, and have taken my kids and grandkids that live here to meet my grandparents already.  It really was as if the past twenty years never happened.  Yes, there were some demons I had to fight even sitting there, but I put myself out there.

I connected with friends that I rarely make the time to connect with other than through social media or work.  I had coffee with friends, dinner with friends.   I was intentional. I conversed and was open.

I have taken some steps to walk in my calling.  I have put myself out there to pray.  I have shared my vision of next steps with others.  I have some dates on the calendars.  I have committed to what I can for the specific purpose of stepping into the next step of where I am headed.  I have also said no to other things.  I didn’t allow the fear of “no” to even darken my doorstep.

I have been sharing my emotions and my true self with others,  in writing and in person.  I still find it uncomfortable, but then there are a lot of things that I have done in my life that were uncomfortable to start with.  I just have to keep showing up and letting God handle the parts that I can’t.

So what does the next step look like going forward?  Intentional steps.  Not questioning or reasoning, just obeying.

I know that if I feel prompted to pray, I am just gonna do it.  God doesn’t care that my thoughts are different from others.  He gave the to me, and there are things that He has called me to speak into existence.  He has it, I just need to lend Him my voice.

I know that I want to love on the body that God has placed me in – not only my physical body, but also my soul and spirit.  I have a meal by meal choice and a day by choice on activity.  I also have to continue to rest, renew, and release my mind.

I also want to love on the body of believers that God has placed me into.  I have shared with my pastor’s wife, our youth leaders, and a few other members how I would like to start and when.  I don’t have a first date, but the vision is there and shared.

I want to share His love with the community that He has called me to, both at work and outside of work too.  There are two places that I am committed to serving the next year.  I have some tentative dates and duties on my calendar.

My methodology is to just put myself out there.  To listen to where I feel God leading me.  Then to obey personally, professionally, and purposefully.


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