Magnetic desires

POD #5: Your Spiritual Magnet

As a child, I loved to walk through downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  It was filled with many interesting shops with clothing, trinkets, and art.  Some buildings were one story, with doors propped open inviting us in.  Other were multiple stories, with multiple store and interior entry ways, where we would seldom be allowed to go.  Other buildings had hidden doors on the side of an alleyway or up a long flight of exterior stairs.  We could walk by the stores, but what was inside was always just out of reach.  I was drawn to those windows, but there was always something of a vail between me and what the store had to offer

If I had a magnet that would attract what I want most in life, it would bring a few strong mentors into my life.  Women who could challenge me to reach my potential.  Persons gentle enough to show me they care and can accept me as I am, but who love me enough as a person not to let me stay there.   Persons strong enough to challenge my manipulative  and strong-willed nature, but gentle enough to captivate my heart into wanting to move into action.  Women who would build me up – spiritually, relationally and personally.  Women that I can do life with – honestly and openly.

I would also have women in my life who glean from me.  Women that I mentor, encourage, build-up and strengthen to reach their potential.  Not through career or volunteer programs, but through true relationship.  Women I can walk beside and see them become everything God created them to be.

I have a strong desire for true relationships.  People to do life with.  Walls down, heart open and connected.  Drawn to people who have been where I want to walk.  Drawn to people who are walking beside me now.  Drawn to people who I can pour into.  That is what I want to attract.  I see it, just out of reach.  Like the child on the sidewalk so many years ago, I am peering in to the window – longing for what is inside, but not knowing how to get to it.

If I knew how to attract these people into my life,  I think I would go farther that I believe that I can in pursuing my dreams and goals.  I know that on the inside of me are God-sized dreams.  I have had a God-given dream for about seventeen years. I know that I am moving towards it, but I couldn’t see that although it doesn’t look like I thought it would, I have been walking in it for quiet a few years.  I think with the right people in my life, the dream could go full circle and then grow some more.

I have people who walk beside me and encourage me to pursue those dreams.  I see how that encouragement drives me.  I can only imagine what God could do in and through me with a little guided direction from someone who could build on my strengths and strengthen my weaknesses.

I think having mentees is equally important because a cup that is full can add no more until it is emptied.  I realize the more I pour into the lives of others, the great God makes my capacity to help.  It energizes me to truly open myself up and share what God has placed inside of me.  Having people who will draw that out, energizes me even more.

I think having these people in my life, would help me to move past my doubts and fears and believe more in myself.  Having people who have walked down a path where I want to go, or in a similar journey would help me understand better that God really does use broken people, and one of those people can be me.

magneticdesiresAnother magnet I would love to have in my life is the discipline to eat right and exercise, and do both consistently.  I have made a lot of change over the past year in this area, but consistency in this area is a struggle.  I overextended myself and exercise is the first to go.  Or I eat healthy and then I go on a binge.  I desire to get on track, stay on track, and love doing it.

Life would be different if I lived healthier.  Snack food and sweets would become an occasionally treat instead of a daily desire.  Exercise would be at the front of my list, instead of something I quickly push aside because my schedule is too full.  I would have a more consistent energy level.  I would be a healthy weight.

I find that when I am seeking God first and not focusing on what I want as the end goal, but in the process that I do have a spiritual magnet.  Things flow easily and I can just move from one goal to the next with greater ease.  Problems tend to get solved with expedience.

It might not bring the right people into my life, but then again maybe it could.  If I am focused on being the me God designed me to be, He could bring along the right people to help me get there (as long as they are listening too!)

I know it is cliché, but its the end of the day.  So I will have to start working on the focused process tomorrow.

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  1. Like Bettie said, your statement about seeking God first is right on target. I find that when I’m focused on Him and not just on what I want that my attitude is so much better. There may still be hard things in the day and interruptions, but I can handle them so much better when I put Him first.
    Blessings to you, Jackie!


  2. Oh yes, this is such a great thought: “I find that when I am seeking God first and not focusing on what I want as the end goal, but in the process that I do have a spiritual magnet.” It’s when I get impatient and try to focus on my own magnet, that I run into problems! Thank you for sharing these good words today!

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