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I went to school to be a social worker, in hindsight I might have went to school to be a Christian counselor had I been steered that direction, but I don’t regret the decision.  The great thing about being a social worker is that there are so many options.  The best thing about being a social worker is the interesting people who you meet, getting to hear their stories and life experiences, and the lessons you can learn.  Despite not being an official “Christian counselor” by title, I am by very nature of who I am a counselor that is a Christian.

I committed my career to Christ to use me in whatever way He saw fit.  It has been my honor to surrender my life to Him and allow Him to help me help others.  I stand in awe of the lives I have seen transformed.  Families, on the brink of destruction, through intervention reconciled.  Children, in a downward spiral, doing a 180 degree turn.  psalms375Individual lives in shambles, restored.  These are amazing testimonies to God’s great work.  I have seen and helped many through situations that overwhelmed me when I connected with the family, but God helped me and I was able to help them.

When we commit everything we do to God, when we place our trust in Him, He will help us.  So many times we think only about the spiritual things when we turn to God, or big physical needs.  However God wants everything.  When we turn everything over to Him, it rarely looks like we think it will.  I look at my life and the dreams that I felt like God had given me, and they look much different from where I am.  However, if I look closely, those dreams are being fulfilled completely.

When we trust God to work in and through us, when we surrender our lives completely, and leave our path in His hands, God will do great and mighty things in and through us.  It may not be on a global level or even a large-scale level, but it will impact lives because that is what God’s business is about – people.  When we choose to trust God with every aspect, we will see that He can work through any aspect.  He will use a brief encounter at the grocery store to speak into your life and change the trajectory of someone else’s life.  He will use a connection at work to speak into your marriage.  He will turn reaching out to a hurting person into a friendship.  He will use your work to minister, even without ever speaking the gospel, to a lost and broken world.

We have to choose daily to trust in God.  We have to choose to commit everything to Him.  When we do our part, He will do His part and help us to reach the lost and hurting world.  He will take our words and help us to speak directly into things we may not know about.  He will take us into places we would never go.  He will take our attitudes and use them to open doors of discussion about why we have joy.  He will take our actions and let them speak to those around us who need a different role model.  What will you choose?



This blog is part of a #Write31Days series on trust.  31 Days is an online writing challenge, where bloggers pick one topic and write a post on that topic every day




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