Intentional in the Small Things

The tables filling the room were already set.  To anyone walking in to eat, things were prepared.  A folded napkin, knife and fork, and a small appetizer plate placed at each setting.  Yet he took notice of the tiny imperfection in the folding of the napkin.  He carefully removed the silverware and straightened the napkin so that it was folded perfectly.  Not every napkin, just those twp-1462502254719.jpghat needed fixing based on his trained eye.  Most people took no notice to his busy actions.  I couldn’t take my eyes off the small detail he couldn’t overlook.  I just kept watching as he checked  table after table in the large dining area.  It spoke so loudly to me.

God cares about the big things in my life, but He is also interested in the smallest of details.  The world around me may look on my life and see the big picture, but God knows that it is the small details that shape my life.  He knows that it is the small things that have the greatest potential to get be off track.

He calls me to be faithful in the small things because He knows that it is small deviations that cause me to drift off course.  If a ship is sailing and it is off by just one degree, for every sixty miles it travels it would be off by one mile.  On the long journey of life, it is the small things we fail to correct that lead us where we never expected to go.  We can easily identify the big areas in our life that we need to fix, and God certainly compass-940370_1280corrects those areas also.  However, we often justify the small things not realizing how far they will take us from our desired destination.

The Bible says if we can’t manage the small things, He can’t trust us with the important and big things.  Those things that have an eternal purpose depend on the small details.

It is the small compromises that we make that end us farther down a path than we intended.

  • A small conversation with someone of the opposite gender and not being intentional in their own relationship one day might be innocent enough, but eventually it can lead to adultery.
  • A fun night out with friends is enjoyable, but continuing in the enjoyment of selfish pursuit of happiness, children are left behind, neglected to fend for themselves.
  • In the heat of the moment a comment may be said in anger or jest, but harsh words spoken over time slowly eroded.
  • Skipping days of work or school seem harmless in and of themselves, but eventually they lead to loss of employment or education.
  • Bad choices in food and limited activity may be fine on occasion, but eventually they lead to an unhealthy life.
  • Not spending time with God in prayer and reading the Word, might not have much of an impact one time, but eventually it can lead to trying to pour out. from an empty cup.

This is why it is so important to pay attention to the small details of our life.  What may appear to be innocent today can completely destroy us tomorrow.  God calls us to be faithful in the little things, because it is the eternal things that will matter.



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