Love disciplines #Write31Days

wpid-wp-1444226321498.jpegAs children we often look at discipline as anything but love.  We see it as a negative punishment forced on us for disobedience.  Whether it is having something taken away or a physical punishment, we think it is done in torture or pure hatred for our individual freedom and self-expression.

In the spiritual, God disciplines us.  He disciplines because He loves us.  He disciplines us because we are His children.  It is not as a negative measure but to protect us from harm or to help get us to a greater blessing. He doesn’t discipline to make us feel guilty or bad, but to take us to another level.

I was mediating on this scripture and thought about it in the natural as far as the areas that I have not exercised discipline.   I have spent the last twenty years living without discipline or correction in the area of my health.  I ate what I wanted and failed to exercise.  I have not loved myself enough to discipline my body to stay in shape.  I have thought of exercise as a punitive measure  and failed to accept it.  Instead, like a spoiled child I gave up on eating sensibly and staying active.  Now the road ahead is filled first with repentance for not taking care of what God gave me, but now with greater discipline to get into shape before I experience permanent negative side effects.2015Write31Days

What area of your life have you failed to discipline?  What steps are you willing to take to correct it?

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