Running with discipline #Write31Days

wpid-wp-1444154525367.jpegI wish that I could say I was a runner in the natural, far from it.  I don’t have endurance to go more than a few meters.  I never learned the discipline involved with physically running.  In the spiritual though, I know what it means to run with endurance the race God set before me.  I admit, the track before me keeps changing, but I’m running it.

Spiritually I can endure because I have spent my life earing the stories of the crowd of witnesses to the life of faith.  The stories of Joseph, David, Gideon, Paul, John, and Peter they were as alive to me growing up as the stories of my parents and friends.  The victories were real to me, personal to the things I faced.

I learned about striping off the weights that slow me down, not that I always do it.  I know about casting my cares to the Lord.  I know that His burden is light and when I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders, I just have to stop and get in His presence and give it back to Him.  I can allow God’s truth to rule over the facts of circumstances surrounding me.  I don’t have to succumb to the opinions of others.  I don’t have to let my past sins and failures define me.  I can allow God to redefine even the perceptions that I have of myself.

Although it is still a work in process, I am learning that God’s grace really can empower me to not sin.  It is not something I can do in and of myself.  God doesn’t want sin to trip me up.  His desire is that I would walk in His grace.

We each have a race before us to run.  I can not run the race before you.  And you can not run my race.  We must be disciplined to stay on the race God set before 2015Write31Dayseach of us.  When things are difficult, we must run with disciplined endurance.

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