The Art of Revenge #Write31Days

wpid-wp-1443739707417.jpegRevenge is a powerful thing.  It is easy to justify retaliation when we have been wronged.  It is easy to share the wrong with others and have them justify retaliation.  But God asks for us to wait on Him to handle the matter.

It takes discipline to wait for the Lord to handle things.  So many times, we are there telling Him how wrong it is, not listening to His response.  Even when we are disciplined enough to let Him handle it, at times we are there telling Him how He should handle it.

Waiting for the Lord is a process.  He expects us to be honest about our hurts.  He can handle anything we say as we release the wrong to Him.  We must realize that His timing is not ours.  He knows the full picture and what we really need and what the person who wronged us needs.  We must be disciplined to keep our trust in Him while He works things out.

He doesn’t expect us to take our wrongs to others.  Yes, our friends and family may be willing to right the wrong, but that is not God’s way. If we retaliate, we are limiting Him.  We must have discipline in not advertising our wrongs as vengeance belongs to the Lord (Hebrews 10:30 and Romans 12:19).

The Lord wants to right our wrongs.  He wants us to trust in Him to handle things.  He needs us to put our faith in His process and allow Him to work things out.

I have been on both sides of wrong before and I have handled it in not so godly manners and in a godly manner.  Even when I am not at fault, God usually has a lesson in there for me to learn.  The art of revenge is finding the lesson in forgiveness as you discipline yourself to leave it in God’s hands.2015Write31Days

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