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wpid-wp-1437097146542.jpegThe attitude that we have while working should give glory to God.  Wow.  That is a sobering thought.  How many times have I sighed deeply, or blown my bangs up with a deep exhale to express my frustration with a job I am doing?

I am reminded of the childhood song “this little light of mine”.  There is a verse, “don’t let Satan blow it out, I’m gonna let it shine”.  It is times of frustration that he doesn’t blow out my light, I do.

My good works are nothing if Christ’s light is not shining in me continually while I do it.  The Bible doesn’t say my good works give glory to God. It is my light shining while I do them that brings Him glory.

 My light can only shine if  I stay connected to the Source during my work.

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