Teach {#Write31Days}

Psalm 86:11 Teach me your ways, O Lord,    that I may live according to your truth!Grant me purity of heart,    so that I may honor you.

We often times look to others to teach us the ways of the Lord.  While there is a certain amount that we can learn from others, God desires to teach us His ways.  There are things that God wants to teach me that I can only learn from Him because, they are assignments from Him for me.

While I may have a similar call on my life to someone else, God uses my unique personality  and traits to carry out that call.  If I am only allowing others to teach me, I am missing out on God’s call for me.

God wants to teach each of us things that will allow us to live according to His truth.  The truth He has for our lives.  When we seek Him to teach us, He sees our pure heart and is honored.

Who are you looking towards to teach you today?


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