Lessons from Narnia

Tonight I was watching Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and saw a few things in a new light. I know much has been written about this series of books, but since I haven’t read those works these are new revelations to me. Maybe their fresh, maybe someone else has seen these things too, but my blog, my revelations and its new to me!  I do know CS Lewis wrote these stories as a fiction example of Christ’s relationship. I know that Aslan is supposed to represent God.

First I noticed that the youngest child, Lucy was the one who felt Aslan’s presence. We are told to come to God as children, and here that rang out to me. She doesn’t just look for him, she chases after him. She is looking for him when no one else is. She is receiving from Him when others question his presence and her. As Christians, we need to be sensitive to his Spirit. We need to not only seek Him; we need to recklessly pursue Him. When everyone else is looking other places for solution, we should be looking to Him for the answer. We always need to be ready to receive from Him regardless what others think.

Second, there is a scene where the young rulers are in this cave discussing the upcoming battle. Some want to stand their ground and just be defensive. Others want to storm the enemy gates and gain the element of surprise. As Christian’s, in general we have decided to be defensive against the attacks of the enemy. We wait for attack; then fight. As Christians we are supposed to be advancing God’s kingdom, not just trying to hold onto what we have. We need to be bold and storm the gates of hell, because God will prevail against Satan when we do.

Third, was a scene of war. The four young rulers are standing their ground as this giant army advances against them. I don’t remember this scene from the times before – but I noticed they stood confidently despite what was coming at them. That’s what God wants us to do. When we have done all we can do, we are called to stand. We must stand in faith knowing that greater is He who is within us, than he that’s in the world.

Fourth, was a scene were Lucy actually goes to Aslan. He asks her why she didn’t come before. They converse. She asks him if things would have been different if she had. God should be the first solution we seek, not one of desperation. So many situations get worse, more damage gets done, more people get hurt,when we fail to just surrender to God immediately.

Fifth, at the end Lucy stands with her little dagger drawn against the mighty army,but Aslan is at her side. There is one mighty roar of Aslan and the battle is complete. All of nature is summoned to his command. Trees stand up and fight, the water rises in battle and consumes the enemy. God has an all-consuming power, that since the time of the flood the world has not seen. He overcame evil in the world then. He did it again at the cross. And He wants to do it through His church. We allow doubt to set in. We back down in the presence of evil, instead of drawing our swords and allowing God to come beside us and win the battle.

I enjoyed the movie last night, even though it didn’t have my full attention. However I enjoy more the revelations given to me. I pray that they take root and grow in my life.

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