Resurrection Day Thoughts

As the day comes to a close, I am just so amazed at the true meaning of today and what today truly cost. We started the day with an Easter egg hunt for the children, then I talked with them about the death and resurrection of Christ and how it was for them. I came home and took a nap, as my traditional Sunday schedule. Then was blessed with my husband’s attendance with us to church in addition to Malachi, Tim’s brother’s son. Then we went to Pizza Hut for dinner and found out that Arkansas lost to North Carolina. Grabbed some ice cream and came home to watch Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ.

I am so moved when I watched this movie, but today saw the Crucifixion from others’ views.cross-66700_1280

I thought about what it would be like for Mary, mother of Jesus to watch her son die. I can’t imagine this and can not even begin to picture my own son in that position. Or how I would feel as a mother, knowing my son gave up his life for all that I had done wrong. I could only think, “Lord thank You that You sent Your Son, and that I don’t have to sacrifice my own, but that it was my Lord who paid that price. For that I am eternally grateful.”

Then I thought about what it was like for Mary Magdalene to watch Jesus suffer and die. There are so many speculations about her relationship to Christ, but it is clear that she was close to Christ and loved Him. I have lost many close friends, but I thank God that I really did not have to see any of them go through what Jesus did. I could only say “Thank you Lord that I am Your friend, and that You were willing to lay Your life down for me.”

Then I wondered about Joseph – Jesus’ earthly dad. Where was he? After Jesus was twelve and in the temple teaching, I don’t recall too much more about him.  I praise God because I was allowed my earthly father for almost twenty-one years of my life but also know that I have a Heavenly Father who will never leave or forsake me.”

I think about that high priest and the look on his face as he watched Christ being scourged and crucified. What was he thinking that day? Was it really worth the cost? As he watched it unfold did he find satisfaction or condemnation? I must thank God that He sent His son to be the High Priest, to take my sins upon Him and that He revealed His mercy to the world that day.

I think about those who actually beat and crucified Christ. Were they just doing their job or did they take pleasure in the torture? Did they feel different this day? I feel sorrow, as I think that it was for my sins He paid this great price.

I think about John, the beloved. He was the only one who stuck around. He was there as his friend and Savior died. He was there to take care of Jesus’ mother and Mary Magdalene to comfort them. Lord I thank You for being a Friend that sticks closer than a brother, but I also ask that You send true friends like John to be in my life.  Help me to be like John too.

I think about the man who carried Jesus’ cross. Did he believe Christ was the Messiah or did he feel burdened to have to help this condemned man. I thank God for the cross and the price that was paid so many years ago.

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