Easter Egg Thoughts

This morning we started with an Easter Egg hunt for the children at church. I know that eggs are not what Easter is really about – in fact eggs have nothing to do with it. But as I stuffed, tossed and watched the eggs be picked up by 40 excited children, I am reminded of what the egg represents. We do plastic eggs filled with candy. And while they have nothing to do with the true meaning of today they do hold some value in teaching children about the love of Christ and the true meaning of today.11082509_10205459710963687_5951070828719003646_n

1) You see we are all lost and must be found – just as the eggs must be found.

2) The eggs are whole, but must be broken to get the candy. We think we are whole, but must be broken if we are ever to allow the good things in our life to come out.

3) The eggs are hollow, just like the tomb.

4) Jesus went into the tomb, but came out. Just like the candy goes into the eggs, but has to come out to be enjoyed.

5) We are supposed to come to Jesus as little children. Have you ever seen the way children come to an Easter egg hunt! They are on a mission, passionate, excited, and ready to fight to get what they want.

6) Eggs are a sign of new life and fertility. When we come to Christ we are given a new life and have the ability to bear fruit.

7) Just like the little plastic eggs come in many shapes and sizes with one purpose – so do we. We all have different gifts and talents, we are all different shapes and sizes. Our end goal is the same – to end up in the basket going to Heaven. No one person is more important than the other, it is us collectively that makes a true difference.

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