Something I have never noticed about flying west is that you are almost chasing the sunset. As we flew out of New Mexico and towards Washington, we chased the sun setting. The sky sandwiched the dark horizon with a red, orange, and yellow line between the dark clouds in the sky. The sunset never quiet making it as we flew from Albuquerque to a Seattle. It was almost 10 pm and we could still see the thin line as we flew west.

I thought about how often as women, and maybe men to, we feel like we are chasing the standard we believe God places on us. I often hear “I should be farther along in my walk.” We believe the lie that we have wasted time when it comes to our walk with God. We compare where we are to where we think we should be, or worse where others are in their walk.

God is not surprised by where we are at. He works all things out for our good, so even our “wasted time” is just preparation time. Just as the sun setting can not be rushed, neither can our getting in the position where God needs us to be. The sun spins slowly, God’s timing is never ours. The earth spins around daily, but it only circles the sun yearly. What if when we feel like we are “spinning our wheels” in life, we are really just taking the time to adjust our heart, mind, souls and spirit to where God needs it to be before He takes us on the next loop.

We have the ability to change what we are chasing. We can chase the illusion of where we think we should be, or we can chase God’s direction for the moment and rest in His peace.

What if instead of chasing where we think God wants us to be, we instead allowed Him to minister to us in the moment? What if we looked in every moment for the opportunity He has placed before us? It might be a moment of growth. It could be an opportunity for connection, with Him, others, or even our true self. It may just be a time of preparation in our character.

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