A different perspective

Describe something you learned in high school.

One of the things I learned in
high school was that people often underestimate at risk kids and instead of putting on a fixed label I need to play into their growth.

I became a teen parent at sixteen. A few days after I started my junior year I transferred to a technical school that was often used for students who were at risk. of dropping out. It had programs for child care, welding, automotive, horticulture, and computer skills, among other programs.

Three and a half months later. I
had my daughter. Five months after that I graduated high school, a year early, 5th in my class. Most of my cohort also graduated. I learned there isn’t just one exception to a “rule”, but often many.

Other than Medicaid, I didn’t
become what society thought would happen. I took care of my child. I finished school. I payed for her needs. When necessary my parents helped and at times her father pitched in, but overall I did it. I worked full time and changed my life.

So in that I learned not to put
limitations on others. People are able to change when they believe they can. Society tends to have a fixed mind-set in regards to certain populations. As a social worker I get to challenge that norm. I can see strengths that others might ignore. Helping others shift
their mindset from fixed to a growth mindset.

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