Lesson of the Hill

Who was your most influential teacher? Why?

My most influential teacher, would actually be a college professor. I remember a lot of my grade school and junior high teachers, and a handful of high school teachers. However, when I think about lasting lessons in life, most influential goes to Regina Tenney, DSW.

The lesson that most stuck we me is “chose which hill you want to die on.” I don’t remember the context of the lesson. Regardless, it has served me personally and professionally.

I am a person who loves to argue. I would have been an attorney if the stars had aligned. I can be very passionate in an argument, even more so when I believe in the cause. Learning that every battle is not worth my time has been important.

I had to learn it as a parent and a wife. I learned to pick my battles. I have learned to keep my mouth shut instead of engaging on social media. I learned those hills are rolling, and very few worth staying on. I have learned to role with the changes at work, instead of picking battles over things that hold little value in the scheme of things.

I have also learned where to put firm boundaries. Sometimes avoiding the fight is the best strategy. Just because it is not a hill that matters to me, doesn’t mean I need to deal personally with other’s consequences.

I have also learned to boldly speak the truth and stand up for those less able. I have lent my voice and my testimony to great causes because the battle was worth fighting for to me. Some hills are worth taking a stand on.

Teachers all leave a lasting impression of some sort on our lives. Some good, some bad. Some teach us educational facts. Others teach us the educational facts but also life lessons that make a lasting impact on who we are.

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